For finding a domain for an AI website builder, there are a few options you can explore. Unstoppable Domains offers AI-generated domain suggestions, allowing you to enter a prompt and receive unique Web3 domain ideas, such as “ketocookingwithryan.crypto” or “ryaninthekitchen.crypto.” This service leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3 to generate domain ideas based on the input you provide. It recommends using descriptive prompts to get the best results and limits users to 30 searches​​.

Another option is the AI Business Name Generator by 10Web, which can help generate catchy and memorable names for your business and, by extension, domain ideas. You can describe your business in detail, choose the length and style of your desired business name, and let the AI generate suggestions for you. This tool emphasizes the importance of considering your brand identity and ensuring the domain name aligns with your SEO strategy​​.

DomainWheel is also a great tool for generating domain name ideas instantly with the help of AI. You simply enter keywords related to your business, and it will suggest available domains that you can register. It’s important to pick a domain that is relevant, memorable, easy to spell and say, and factors in SEO. DomainWheel can also filter suggestions based on specific domain extensions and automatically checks the availability of all domains​​.

Each of these tools offers a unique approach to generating domain names, so you might want to try multiple options to find the perfect domain for your AI website builder project.

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